CUSP: a hand-bound literary magazine, that presents a meaningful selection of literature, poetry, and art. It’s restriction to printed form, word-of-mouth publicity, and face-to-face distribution demands immediacy.

GNAW: a non-fiction literary zine mobilizing critical conversations in a collaborative space. The ideas and expressions of those who inspire us crystallize into a multifaceted, challenging, and illuminating form.

Both publications, CUSP and GNAW will be collecting submissions and solicitations for their forthcoming issues. To celebrate GNAW‘s first issue as CUSP‘s non-fiction radical sister publication, the forthcoming issues will share a theme: PASSAGE.

PASSAGE here is denoted as movement between states of being; a portal between realms; shedding of perspective; site of transformation[growth]; as means of deeper investigative analysis [close reading]; as disguise between states of identity; or any other rendering of the word that inspires you. We hope and expect our denotations of the word to grow/change  as the project progresses.

We are looking for and are open to all forms of printable submissions. Hoping for poetry, fiction, plays, photos, visual art but also, personal essays, research, rituals, routines, recipes, rants, rambles, manifestos and criticism. Also, whatever else. CUSP generally sticks to poetry and fiction, while GNAW hopes to be all types of non-fiction. Both will include art, photography etc. While the initial idea was for there to be two distinct zines, it’s possible that we’ll combine them into a singular publication too.

CUSP//GNAW are publications based in San Francisco, but we hope to be both local specific, and wide ranging.

The deadline to submit work is August 5. If we gave you one of our flyers, we’d love it if you let us know that you plan to submit. That way we can send reminders. If you just happen to find this through a wall flyer, or through reading issue II of CUSP, send us work (!) and please include a bit about who you are too.

These forthcoming issues are to be curated and selected by Ivy Anderson and Jared Levine

Send submissions to or hand it to us in person if you see us around.

–love, jared